Friday, February 27, 2015

Circle of Assassins by Steven Rigolosi


An ad is placed in a local newspaper, telling readers that they only need to write in to help get rid of the person they hate the most in the world. After careful selection, there are 5 people in this circle of assassins. Each has submitted someone they want killed and each must kill one of those people. The rationale is explained by each assassin. Some make sense, some don't seem like enough. But each assassin has their instructions and must carry out their tasks.

This book is completely unlike anything I've read. I enjoyed the format of it, with some of the story taking place through adverts and letters and some taking place through narratives. Each character is given a letter and a colour. I found myself having to flip back a few times to figure out who was doing what but eventually I started to remember. It would have been preferable if the author only used letters or colours to try and reduce the confusion.

The thing I liked the most about this book was the imperfection of the story. Not all of the victims deserved to die. Some of the assassins were completely selfish. All walks of life were represented in this book which was also interesting. How does an old lady set about to kill someone?

This book had some good twists near the end that kept me on my toes. I would pick up another Rigolosi book in the future!

First Line: "Revenge is sweet!"


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