Thursday, March 05, 2015

Innocent in Death by J.D. Robb


Lieutenant Eve Dallas is called to a private school when two students discover one of their favourite teachers dead. What looks like an allergic reaction is actually poisoning even though Dallas can't find anyone that has a bad thing to say about this man. Dallas starts peeling back the layers of the school to find out what has been going on and starts to find some motive for killing when her prime suspect also ends up dead.

Meanwhile, in Dallas' personal life, an ex-lover of Roarke is back in town and making waves. She wants Roarke for herself and will manipulate anyone she can to try and get him.

This is book 20-something in the series, but I have gone more than a year without reading one. I was beginning to feel that all of Dallas' books were the same and I wasn't enjoying the series as much. Having left this for a while and come back to it, I'm glad I gave the series for some time and then returned to it fresh. I enjoyed this book and was surprised at who the killer was. I think good spacing for this series is perhaps one book every 6 months so that I don't tire of it too quickly.

There was a great moment in this book between Dallas and Roarke's butler Summerset. The two are usually at odds and constantly berating each other but I really enjoyed them coming together to help solve the personal problem, and then go back to their old ways. First Line: "Pop quizzes were killer."


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