Sunday, August 09, 2015

Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquirel


Tita, the youngest daughter of a Mexican family, is destined to take care of her mother for the rest of her life because the youngest daughter doesn't get to marry to make her own life, instead she's stuck taking care of her mother. Tita has fallen in love with a young man who asks for her hand in marriage and is told by the family that this cannot be. Instead, the man married Tita's sister and this breaks Tita's heart. As a fabulous cook, Tita releases her emotions through her cooking. Can true love survive through life's trial and tribulations?

This short book is easy to read and you get in to it fast. There are some magical elements where Tita's emotions can be felt through her cooking. I really enjoyed Tita's story of breaking from tradition and becoming independent. On the flip side, I didn't like how the story played out at the end and specifically didn't like Tita's love interest.

First Line: "Take care to chop the onion fine."


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