Thursday, August 20, 2015

Strange Blood by Lindsay Ashford


Dr. Megan Rhys is asked to assist the police with a brutal killing that looks like it could be a ritual. As a forensic psychologist, Rhys can help the police determine what kind of person would do this. She tries to look past the pentagram left at the scene and focus on other elements of the crime. The killer strikes again, and things hit very close to home. Can Megan hunt the killer down before he takes someone Megan loves?

The mystery plot on this book is pretty weak. The crime scenes aren't described much beyond the obvious red herring. The police working on the crime are shown more for the stupid conversations they have than if and how they are solving the crime. It felt like the author didn't have a strong handle on how the police try to solve crimes so she glossed over this, made them screw up, and focused on conversations between the characters about how they screwed up.

The ending was deeply disappointing. I was about 15 pages away from the end and nothing had been revealed yet. I wondered how the heck everything was going to wrap up. It didn't, or at least not with any satisfaction. The killer was an unknown that didn't seem to have anything to do with anything. It was a cop-out, which matched the spirit of the rest of the book.

First Line: "Delva Lobelo had never got used to going into the houses of the dead."


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