Monday, December 21, 2015

Amsterdam by Ian McEwan


When Molly passes away, her lovers meet at her funeral to remember. There's Clive, a composer that's currently working on a symphony, Vernon, a newspaper editor, and the disliked Garmony, an up-and-coming politician. Molly's husband finds photos of Garmony in compromising positions and hands them off to Vernon to publish them. Vernon doesn't really think twice but does get Clive's opinion. Clive doesn't agree that those photos should be published and the two fight. But Clive isn't lily-white either. While on a hike to clear his mind from his work, he witnessed a man attacking a woman and didn't do anything about it because he didn't want it to impact his work.

This book is a short one. The beginning is a bit boring as the characters are introduced. The middle is interesting as the ethical dilemma is weighed on how to handle Garmony's photos. Then the story descends in to madness and stupidity. At the end of the book I want to know what the point was? What am I to take away from this novel? I still have no idea.

First Line: "Two former lovers of Molly Lane stood waiting outside the crematorium chapel with their backs to the February chill."


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