Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Night Country by Bryce Courtenay


This book is described as "A little boy witnesses the ugliness of apartheid", which is as good of a description as I can give because it's a very short book and you sort of wonder where Courtenay is going with it since he has so little space. It's set in South Africa, on a farm when a boy is taken away from his mother once she comes down with malaria.

I've never read a Bryce Courtenay before but my mom was always a huge fan. This book allowed me to get a taste of his writing without having to sit down to a 1000 page book. His writing style flows very nicely which makes this book incredibly easy to digest. However, once I came to the end of the book, I wasn't really sure what I should be taking away from it.

First Line: "At the tag end of the Great Depression, the three of us, my mother, Majorie-Ann and I, lived in a single room with a make-shift kitchenette without running water."


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