Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Armada by Ernest Cline

Science Fiction

Zack Lightman is a video game geek. He's spent countless hours honing his craft and has become one of the top ten ranked players of Armada. Then, one day, he sees one of the enemy's fighter planes outside of his school's window. Zack decides he's losing it, just like his father did before he died.

What if it is real though? What if Zack hasn't just seen things? Zack goes home and finds his dad's old notebooks, explaining how he thinks that video games, books, and movies have been priming the world for an impending alien invasion. Is one about to start?

I picked this book up because I loved Ready Player One. Not surprisingly, this book suffers from similar problems that book suffered from. In Ready Player One, there was overuse of 80s references. In this book, it's overuse of video game and scifi movie references. I'm not a huge video game player, but one of the quotes I did recognize, from Duke Nukem, wasn't even correct.

Learning to ignore this, like I did in Ready Player One, I still found this book a bit underwhelming. The tension leading up to the end fell a bit flat and the final twist wasn't explored that well. I would have liked to see a few additional pages to better explain where Cline wanted to go with the ending.

Despite it's similarities to Ender's Game, I still enjoyed the book.


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