Saturday, May 13, 2017

Creation in Death by J.D. Robb


When Lieutenant Eve Dallas gets a call during her off shift, she knows something bad has happened. She finds a young woman with obvious signs of torture laid out on a white sheet in a park. Eve knows that this is the work of a man she was chasing nine years ago. He carves into the chest of each of his victims the length of how long they stayed alive during his torture. This perp got away from Eve before, she isn't going to let him get away this time.

This time, Eve notices a personal connection. The young woman killed was an employee of Roarke, Eve's husband, the sheet she was laid on was one of his companies, and the soaps used to was the victim were also from Roarke. Eve wonders if this means she could be a future victim. Working with her regular team and Roarke, they want to make sure that the killer doesn't get away this time.

This book is the 25th in the series, which I've been reading in order, so I've been reading these books for a while. Robb does a great job with character chemistry. Eve and her protege Peabody have great banter back and forth, and Eve's relationship with her husband is special. All the secondary characters have interesting chemistry as well. The biggest gripe I have with this series is that frequently, the killer has a personal vendetta against Eve. Usually it results in the killer trying to capture Eve and kill her. It is usually used as an easy out for plot to have the killer explain why he or she has killed everyone. Otherwise it's used as a way to get Eve closer to the killer. Either way, it always feels cheap to me and this is another book where the killer wants Eve. Thankfully most of the plot is sorted out before it comes to this so it's not as much of a buzzkill as it usually is in other "in Death" books.

First Line: "For him, death was a vocation, killing was not merely an act, or a means to an end. "


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