Friday, May 05, 2017

The Woman Who Heard Colour by Kelly Jones


Lauren is an art detective and think she may be on to an incredible find from WWII when she visits Isabelle Fletcher. Isabelle's mom worked for the Reich as an art director but Lauren thinks she could have been involved with stolen art by the Nazis. Lauren sits with Isabelle and learns about her mother, Hanna's, entire history. Lauren finds out that some art was saved that the history books aren't aware of. We learn the true history through Hanna's eyes and the history that Isabelle knows.

Hannah has synesthesia, which is when you can hear colours. This is a pretty interesting avenue but I feel like it could have been explored a bit further in this novel. We know that Hannah has this condition, we know that she loves one of her paintings because of what it sounds like, but that's pretty much as far as the author takes it.

Despite this, it was a very interesting story of art during WWII in Germany and how the Nazis tried to have it destroyed and there were others who tried to save it. Worth a read!

First Line: "As Lauren O'Farrell hurried up from the subway on her way to visit Isabella Fletcher, she knew the moisture under her blouse, along her collar, and spotting her chest was as much the result of nerves as the heat that had invaded the city for the past several days."


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