Friday, November 17, 2006

Dancing in my Nuddy Pants by Louise Rennison

Dancing in my Nuddy Pants by Louise Rennison

This is book 4 in the Georgia Nicholson series. I don't know what it is about book #4 in series, but they always seem to be the worst in the series (except maybe Harry Potter, book #4 was one of the better ones). It wasn't as funny as the previous three had been. My favourite character is Libby, and I found that she wasn't in it as much as she was in the previous books, which could be part of the reason. As entertaining as it is to read about Georgia, I don't know how her friends and family stands her!! She seems like a horrible friend (because she doesn't seem to care), and she's constantly making fun of her parents. Ok, so I do that too lol I'm still pulling for Dave the Laugh! Georgia and he seem to be more on the same level than Georgia and Robbie.




Anonymous said...

So excited to have discovered your blog (met you both at a bookcrossing meeting @ Second Cup). My daughter is reading this series, I will have to tell her they have book #4 out now, sorry to hear it's not as good as the previous ones.

Lauren said...

Hi!! I remember you! :) You should come to more of our meetups! I think there's one the first Sunday of December at Williams.
I think this series is up to book #6 or 7 right now actually! Come to the next meetup and I'll give you this book :)

Anonymous said...

hi, Lauren!

You tempt me! :) I will try to make it to the Dec meetup, thanks for letting me know.

Candy said...

This is the next book I need to read in this series... I blame Geegal and her M-Bag... ;) Hmmm... so it's not that good, eh? Hopefully the book will get here soon, as I have 2 more in the series to read after it to catch up a bit.