Sunday, November 05, 2006

Little Boy Blue - Ed Dee

Little Boy Blue by Ed Dee
Mystery (audiobook)

I listened to this abridged audiobook in the car to and from university. It's a story about a guy that gets shot during a robbery at the JFK airport in New York. The cops first think he's in the wrong place at the wrong time, wearing the wrong jacket - his grandfather's old police overcoat. Of course, police in novels are always wrong on what they first suspect!
There are mob connections in this story and I was getting worried there that it was going to become another one of those mob books. Thank goodness it didn't. It pulled in Irish ties (and potential IRA members), which gave it that additional twist needed to take it away from the traditional New York mobster story. It was easy to guess "whodunit", but there was a great twist at the end that was totally unexpected!
The reader was fabulous! He pulled off New York mobster without sounding too stereotypical, and he also did a great Irish accent.



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