Saturday, February 24, 2007

Breathing Room

Breathing Room by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I enjoyed this romance. Lorenzo Gage is oh so delicious. I would love to escape to Italy to laze under the Tuscan sun. Isabel is a self-help guru whose acountant abscounds wih her fortune and her world falls apart. Enter Gage a movie star villian who pretends to be a villian in real life. Sparks fly and the super organized Isabel is flown into chaos and of course romance
My Favourite Character: Lorenzo Gage YUM YUM
Least Favourite Character: Tracy, Lorenzo's ex with marital problems of her own. I found her a bit whiny
My Favourite Part of the Book: The steamy love scenes
Least Favourite Part of the Book: I did not like when Isabel lost control when she thought she had lost Gage. It just didn't read right
What was Missing: I felt that the scene above was totally unrealistic. I do not believe someone that in control would basically go psycho




Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Hey! You're not supposed to go yum yum over anyone other than Mitchell Voss, got that?


Just saying hello...

Lauren said...

Not even Trevor!?!? :)

Dana said...

I think Trevor is more my type of guy :)