Monday, February 26, 2007

The Ruling Class - Francine Pascal

The Ruling Class by Francine Pascal

I picked this book up as a quick aversion from the heavy stuff I've recently been reading. I felt as though I had lost all my brain cells afer finishing!
The Ruling Class (or RCs) is a clique of snobby rich girls from a snobby rich town. They torment anyone who is even the slightest bit different from them, outcasting them from the school. When Twyla Gay (what a name!) starts school after having moved from Dallas, she finds herself the next victim. But she won't let herself be run out of the school that easily!
A couple of pages into this book and you start to wonder if you're reading the book Mean Girls the movie was based on. I did some research, and oh no, it's not the same book! They both came out in the same year. Here's betting that this book came out after Mean Girls was such a success. Except Mean Girls was funnier and whittier. Some of the things that these girls say are racist, which I don't think Mean Girls ever stooped to.
Yes, it's nice to see the bitches get their come-uppance at the end, but it's not worth reading just for that. Go rent Mean Girls instead, you'll find it more enjoyable.



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