Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Firemaster's Mistress

The Firemaster's Mistress by Christie Dickason
Historical Fiction

This book is about Shakespeare's London. The year is 1605. James I is on the throne. There are laws against Catholics and England is finally at peace or is it? The story revolves around treason at the highest level. Guido Fawkes and his fellow conspirators are trying to blow up Whitehall and the royal line.

Francis Quoynt is a firemaster who has returned from war and dreams of making beautiful fireworks. He is recruited by Robert Cecil, First Minister to spy on the revolutionists. Meanwhile, Sir Francis Bacon is also spying on Quoynt while scheming to take Cecil's job.

Kate Peach is a glove maker who was Quoynt's lover before he left for war. She is now kept by another man and is a secret Catholic. This puts her right in the path of danger.

Dickason has crafted another wonderful tale rich in the details of the period. The treachery of the papists and the vulnerability of women is portrayed exceedingly well. For those who like historical fiction,this book does not disappoint




burrum said...

I am the moderator of a small book group and this month, our book for discussion is The Firemasters Mistress. From the feedback received so far just in general conversation, the other members enjoyed this book, as did I.
Have you read the next book - The Princepessa.
Found this disappointing, and felt bogged down in certain parts of the story.

From Oz.

Dana said...

I have not read The Princepassa and do not feel inclined to do so if it is a slog to get though

dianna said...

I enjoyed the book's plot and historical setting. It did portray the vulnerability of women in that age, without family, etc..

I only disliked the ending, which is in part why I don't believe I would care to read Princepessa.