Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Flesh and Bone by Jefferson Bass

Flesh and Bone by Jefferson Bass

Dr. Brockton is the head of the body farm at the local university. When the body of a pedophile is found hung from a tree, Brockton tries to duplicate the decay of the body to determine how long it has been there. During this time he gets close to Dr Jess Carter, an ME from the neighbouring town. The two get a little too close though, and Brockton finds himself in big trouble.
This book flows exceptionally well. You are compelled to keep turning the page to find out how Brockton is going to get himself out of trouble, and who the murderers are. Yet at the same time, there is great in detail descriptions of how a body farm works. Bass does go off on a few society tangents that are obviously his view that he maybe should have kept in his head rather than in the pages of the book. For example, the "creationist" debate never really gets solved. And the information about keeping child safe on the net was sort of out of the blue as well.
That being said, this novel had multiple murders, lawyer manipulations, love interests, and pretty good writing. The ending wrapped up great and I was so happy the Grease grew a conscience.



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