Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Spy Girl

Spy Girl by Amy Gray

From Chapters:
While her friends are making mad cash and getting massages at their dot-com jobs, Amy Gray quits her low-status publishing position to realize her girlhood dream of being a private investigator. Joining a small Manhattan agency, she finds herself plunged into an intriguing world of “con men, lunatics, narcissists, polygamists, sociopaths, felons, petty thieves, and pathological liars”—a description almost as apt for the men in her social life as for her on-the-job subjects. Working with a gang of misfit colleagues (a former zookeeper, a one-time child star, an avant-garde philosopher, and other eccentrics), Amy discovers even more about herself as she detects uncanny parallels between her investigations and her tumultuous love life.


This book is non-fiction? This book reads like Chick lit. A young female joins a dysfunctional private investigation agency. She helps to solve a few interesting cases. The emphasis on solving cases is a lot of searching on the internet and then talking people into telling all. Amy also discusses her painful love life or lack thereof. Amy seems to find all the weird-dos possible. Is the world populated with that many or are they all in NYC?



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