Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Mole People

The Mole People by Jennifer Toth

This book depicts how the homeless have set up communities underground in the tunnels of NYC. It was very interesting how the people live and interact and the reasons behind why they are underground. I found the writing quite disjoint and wonder if as much time was spend in organizing as research that it might have been a much better book. The reasearch done was obviously extensive.
The main reason people were living in the tunnels was the dangerous situation of the homeless shelters. One wonders if that is the case that the community and the police have not done something. The other reason stated is that these are people who just do not wish to live by rules. That makes sense but what a state to live in. I think that probably these same communities exist in Toronto as there are abandoned tunnels here also.
Toth stated at the end that she never 'snitched'. How could she not when confronted with the children existing in these conditions?



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Lotus Reads said...

Sounds like an interesting book for sure. Everytime we question why there are so many panhandlers on the streets of Toronto, we are told the same thing....the shelters are overcrowded and dangerous or that these people are free spirits who don't want to live by the rules. I buy the part about some shelters being dangerous because of the innmates, but I suppose they just have to arrange to have more security at these places? I don't know.