Monday, April 23, 2007

The Hypochondriac's Handbook by Wendy Marston

The Hypochondriac's Handbook by Wendy Marston

This book is 125 pages of facts on germs and disease. I am in no way or form a hypochondriac, but I could see how this book could turn you into one. However, it basically told you to never go out into public, and don't use your washroom or kitchen. Germs are everywhere. But what hasn't killed me makes me stronger, so there little book! Although the repeated reminders of how when you flush a toilet, spray from it goes everywhere, especially on your toothbrush is rather disturbing. Gross!! I think I'm just going to let all of that information disappear from my mind so that I don't need to think of some of the gross things they talked about!



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