Sunday, April 01, 2007

An Ordinary Man

An Ordinary Man by Paul Rusesabagina

What an incredible book!!!! I don't think I have ever rated a book a 10. Rusesagabina has painted a picture that is moving and deeply profound. One can almost feel the hand of destiny pushing Paul to his fate. He single handedly saved many lives during the Rawanda genocide. Did he hold them back with guns? No just words. Unbelieveable!!. He kept a binder full of favours owed and cashed every single last one of them to save his fellow countrymen. Brave and heroic!!. The last chapter was a very poignant one for me as Rusesagabina expounds on African problems and his beliefs and morals. His disdain for the UN and the US are made very clear. Also his belief that since justice has been slow or non-existant there could very well be another genocide. Paul believes there are hard and soft spots in even the most evil of men. He was able to 'have drinks' with his worst enemy . "The individual's most potent weapon is a stubborn belief in the triumph of common decency"



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