Sunday, July 22, 2007

McNally's Caper

McNally's Caper by Lawrence Sanders

From the Editors
Palm Beach sleuth Archy McNally gets caught up in the sordid family affairs of the Forsythe Clan when he's hired to find out who's stealing valuables--including a priceless first edition of Edgar Allan Poe--from their mansion. Behind every door is a suspect; in every bed, a seductress. And a murderer is hiding just around the corner. . . .

I do so love Archy McNally. But I am so glad I am not his girlfriend or parent. How frustrating that would be HAHA. This book starts off with some stolen goods of the Forsythes. The Forsythes are as loony as they come. Who is the thief? Of course it must be a family member; wife, son, daugther-in-law or daugther. The woman in the family try to seduce Archy and Archy sure doesn't resist too much. When the patriarch gets murdered everyone is a suspect. There are some real relationship tangles in the book and a lot of good laughs



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