Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rapture in Death

Rapture in Death by J. D. Robb

From the Publisher
They died with smiles on their faces. Three apparent suicides: a brilliant engineer, an infamous lawyer, and a controversial politician. Three strangers with nothing in common - and no obvious reasons for killing themselves. Police lieutenenat Eve Dallas found the deaths suspicious. And her instincts paid off when autopsises revealed small burns on the brains of the victims. Was it a genetic abnormality or a high-tech method of murder? Eve''s investigation turned to the provocative world of virtual reality games - where the same technique used to create joy and desire could also prompt the mind to become the weapon of its own destruction

I do love this series. Eve and Roarke have such a combustible relationship. Eve is a fantastic cop with great instincts. Most people would have labelled the murders suicides but Eve persisted in the investigation. The other great thing about this book is that Peabody is back. Eve is a great mentor for Peabody and Peabody brings out some great humour



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