Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Puzzle Bark Tree

The Puzzle Bark Tree by Stephanie Gertler

Grace and Melanie grew up with parents who showed them no emotions. The only love they got was from their housekeeper,Jemma. When their parents commit suicide only days before Christmas, they face a journey of uncovering the past and unearthing their parent's true spirit.

Grace inherits an island in upstate New York which she and her sister have never heard of let alone visited. Grace decides to go there after the funeral instead of to Aspen with her sterile husband.

Grace has suffered from some nightmares of her drowning and her parents abandoning her. At Sabbath Landing Grace finds Luke who helps her to understand her troubling memories and her background. This is a story that is spell-binding. I found myself in tears at the end and that has not happened in a long time

I also wanted to add that the cover art is beautiful




Anonymous said...

Hello, ladies! I read your blog and have a book that I think you would enjoy reviewing for Ace and Hoser. Brief description listed below. If you are interested in receiving a copy or would like additional information, please email me!

All Best,
Lisa Roe
Online Publicist

THEFT OF THE MASTER by Edwin Alexander
ISBN: 978-0-9707558-5-8

THEFT OF THE MASTER is a complex and intricate crime story based on the chronicled accounts of Hitler’s orders to transport valuable cultural artifacts to Germany. History tells us that by 1944, the Nazi’s had stolen more art works than anyone in history.

This is a story of one stolen masterpiece and the consequences for an innocent family and nation. The intrepid and harried private investigator Al Hersey travels through three continents to solve a murder, which appears inconspicuous but is actually irredeemably wedded to the stolen masterpiece. The chase that ensues to find the truth takes the readers on a wild journey from 1493 Estonia, where events are first set in motion. The trail follows to modern day San Francisco and Paraguay via World War II and the mysterious Templars.

This fast paced crime story is filled with deceit, secret societies, and murder in an ambience of complexity and mystery.


Dana said...

That book sounds very interesting

Roeboat said...


It is! contact me if you would like a copy sent to you!

Lisa Roe
Online Publicist

Lauren said...

Lisa - we contacted you through email as soon as you posted that comment. Should we email you again?