Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Treatment

The Treatment by Mo hayder
Sick Shit

Mo Hayder has always been a favourite author of mine. Her sadistic stories always keep me returning for more.

The Treatment is about a psycho who imprisons families who have a young son and will not be missed. The psycho then proceeds to abuse the young boy and eventually kill him. This psycho is really out there and people with weak stomachs, beware.

This book brings back DI Jack Caffery who we met in The Birdman. Caffery has been through a living hell because his brother was abducted and never seen again.

Caffery is 'too close' to this case and also has a girlfriend who has issues. Their interaction is quite distant and cold but that is probably because of their individual emotional issues.

There are always twists and turns and a little fudging of the procedures. I felt this time Caffery was really given a great deal of leeway,probably too much leeway

When can I read more of Hayder's books?




Anonymous said...

Now Hayder is an author I haven't read at all and must look out for. If you like books where the detective is too close to the action do read 'In The Woods' by Tana French. It's superb.

Dana said...

Added to the Wishlist :)