Monday, December 08, 2008

If You Could See Me Now

If You Could See Me Now by Cecelia Ahern

Elizabeth is a fastidious, extremely well organized, interior decorator. Elizabeth has always been the responsible one in her family. She helped raise her sister when her mother left. She now is raising Luke, her sister's son. Elizabeth has a ton of responsibilities. Her father is constantly looking for his wife to return and her sister is an alcoholic. But Elizabeth is not fun and has no idea of how to play with her nephew and as for an imagination, she doesn't have one.

When Ivan from 'Ekam Eveileb' comes to visit Luke, Elizabeth doesn't at first see him. Ivan considers Elizabeth 'gnirob'. Elizabeth needs Ivan and his perspective on life. Life is fun!! Ivan teaches Elizabeth to let go of her disappointments and start living. What Elizabeth does not know is that no one else can see Ivan.

Ivan falls in love with Elizabeth but it is an impossible love. The job of imaginary friend is fraught with problems. I loved the concept of this job and the inner workings of being an imaginary friend. This is a cute romance story.

First Line: "Elizabeth's heart hammered loudly against her chest"




Sheila said...

Is it as good as PS I Love You? Sounds like it is on the same kind of thing.

Dana said...

I did not enjoy this nearly as much as P.S. I love you. It just didn't seem as real to me