Sunday, December 28, 2008

Which Witch?

Which Witch? by Eva Ibbotson

Arriman the Awful, the Wizard of the North, has waited and waited for a replacement but no one has arrived. He decides the best way to pass on his dark magic is to marry. But Who? He decides to hold a competition. Whoever performs the darkest magic, wins.

There are sea witches and country witches, witch twins and even an enchantress shows up at the last minute. But Belladonna, a white witch has unfortunately fallen in love with Arriman. She is determined to win but how does she start creating vipers instead of bunnies. Terence, an orphan that Belladonna rescues and his pet worm, Rover might just be the help she needs.

The contest is fun and the end has a couple of really nice twists. A fun and imaginative book!!

First Line: "As soon as he was born, Mr. and Mrs. Canker knew that their baby was not like other people's children."



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