Friday, December 12, 2008

Man of the House by Ad Hudler

Man of the House by Ad Hudler

Not many books fall into the "man lit" category. It's essentially chick lit, except something that guys would enjoy. This book is told primarily from the viewpoint of Lincoln Menner, a stay at home dad who takes care of his only daughter Violet while his wife Jo works as an executive at a hospital. The family just moved to Florida and the house is going through too many renovations. Linc is tired of living in "girlyland" and started to change his lifestyle. This includes carrying around a tool belt and learning how to fix things, going to the gym, and driving a truck.

Each of the characters, including Violet's stalker teacher, adds their perspective to why Linc is going through his changes and how it affects them. Unfortunately, I felt this book fell a bit short. I found most of the characters annoying and couldn't relate to them. Perhaps it's a problem that this book is trying to address - that there aren't many stay at home dads in the world? Regardless, it got to the point where I just didn't care. To add to this, what is the point of having a stalker obsessed with Lincoln?

First Line: "One of my favourite things to do is cut out pictures from magazines and make collages."



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