Saturday, September 04, 2010

Devil in the Details by Jennifer Traig

Devil in the Details by Jennifer Traig

Jennifer Traig grew up in the 80s, as Jewish kid in a neighbourhood with very few Jewish families. As she learns more about her religion, she starts to exhibit strange behaviours. She is obsessive-compulsive with her OCD centering on her religion. Unfortunately, in the 80s obsessive-complusive disorder was rarely diagnosed. Traig has troubles determining what is kosher and what isn't, which affects her diet. She obsessively prays, scrubs her hands, and feeds her stuffed animals before feeding herself. Traig doesn't understand what she has or why she is different and neither does her family.

The book is written in a fairly light tone, to the point where Traig makes fun of herself and her parents have some funny one-liners that do the same. I can't help but wonder why Traig's parents would put up with her bizarre behaviour for so long without doing something for her and trying to figure out what her problem was.

The entire book felt like it was the same pace, the same emotion, and the same message. The steady nature of the book made it a bit dull in points. I almost gave up on the book about 1/2 way through but it did get a bit better. I had higher expectations for this one so I don't think I would recommend it.

First Line: "My father and I were in the laundry room and we were having a crisis."


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