Sunday, September 05, 2010

Maybe This Time

Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie

Andie Miller is thinking about accepting a proposal of marriage but before she does that she must deal with her excess baggage, namely her ex, North Archer. Andie stops by North's office to drop off all his uncashed alimony cheques but Northnorth to makes one last request. A cousin of his has died and left the guardianship of two young children to his care. The children have run off all the nannies he has hired to care for them and they refuse to move north to move in with him. The house they live in is in a remote area of Ohio. The house which was moved piece by piece from England is reputed to be haunted. North will pay Andie ten thousand for one month while Andie figures out what is going on and moves the children north to North.

The children are Carter, a very quiet nerdy boy devoted to his sister and Alice, a screamer who seems very strange. The housekeeper is the housekeeper from hell and the house is really eerie. Andie's fiance thinks this is just a ploy by North to keep Andie.

As Andie tries to gain the trust of the children she starts dreaming of North and experiencing very strange happenings. Even Andie is becoming convinced the house is haunted and will not let the children go.

The culmination is a strange 'house party' with North's brother and his manipulative journalist girlfriend, a doubting parapsychologist, a medium, North's rigid mother and Andie's free-wheeling mother who hate each other, North and Andie's jealous fiance.

I loved this book. A bit of paranormal, a bit of mystery, a bit of humour and a bit of romance which made for a quick-paced interesting read. Although a romance this is definitely also a great ghost story.

First Line: "Andie Miller sat in the reception room of her ex-husband's law office, holding on to ten years of uncashed alimony checks and a lot of unresolved rage."


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