Thursday, September 02, 2010

Shifting Calder Wind

Shifting Calder Wind by Janet Dailey

Chase Calder is shot in Texas and his kinfolk at the Calder ranch in Montana are mourning his death. Laredo Smith saved Chase but Chase is suffering from amnesia. Laredo has taken Chase to be taken care of by his mother Hattie, a registered nurse. Laredo learns who Chase is and packs up Chase and Hattie and takes them to Montana in time for Chase's 'funeral'.

Chase still doesn't remember who shot him but feels he can only trust Jessy, his daughter-in-law. Laredo and Chase decide to 'keep' Chase dead while they investigate who wants him gone. By keeping Jessy in the loop but not his daughter Cat, there are a number of arguments and fights between the two with Tara, Jessy's dead husband's first wife always getting a few licks in.

There are some definite sparks between Jessy and Laredo which I hope are developed in latter books and of course another major character is killed off. This was a good book but there is certainly a lot of murder around Calder ranch and I would hope to see more than one reach old age.

First Line: "A blackness roared around him."


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