Saturday, November 13, 2010

About Face

About Face by Fern Michaels
Romantic Mystery

Casey Edwards is released from the mental hospital and left to find her own way to her mother's home. Dr Blake Hunter, a handsome family friend, helps her while it looks like the other residents of Sweetwater just shun her.

Casey can not remember her past and tries to piece it together one step at a time. But there are others who wish her not to remember a thing. Casey is nearly run over. She tries to find court documents which either have disappeared or aren't there. Will Casey remember before she is killed or sent back to the hospital?

This book is really not quite a mystery as the opening chapter pretty much spells everything out. The plot is more about Casey's discoveries which are a mystery to her and her developing romance. It is also about what happens to the 'bag guys'.

I found it an easy read and hard to put down.

First Line: "Dust covered the out-of-date eyewear displayed on the rotating rack, and the scent of stale smock hung heavy in the air."


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