Sunday, November 28, 2010

Earthly Joys

Earthly Joys by Philippa Gregory
Historical Fiction

This is the story of a very famous gardener, John Tradescant who was a gardener to some famous people during the reign of James I and Charles I.

John is in the employ of Robert Cecil, building the gardens of Hatfield House and he is very close – a confidante and friend – to the great man. John loves travelling the world in search of new species of plants. After Cecil dies, John moves around from master to master until he is ordered to the new and fabulous estate of George Villiers – first Duke of Buckingham, the most powerful man in the land. The Duke of Buckingham becomes the lover of Charles I. John is a product of his times and loyalty is everything. John ends up loving his new master. John's personal life is turned upside down by this charismatic and reckless and hated person.

Gregory has written a brilliant novel about this period just before civil war. Definitely another winner from Gregory!

First Line: "The daffodils will be fit for a king."


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