Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Buffalo Unbound

Buffalo Unbound by Laura Pedersen

Laura Pedersen's first autobiographical novel Buffalo Gal was about growing up in Buffalo in the 70's. Buffalo Unbound is an extension of that book. Buffalo Gal is an excellent book but does not have to be read before Buffalo Unbound. Buffalo Unbound contains a number of short stories about a variety of topics. Buffalo is finally coming out of the depression caused by the steel and car industries and is starting to thrive again. The new booming industries include: health care, banking and education.

Pedersen has written about the history, climate, arts and culture and shopping places of Buffalo. I believe this book is geared mostly to those who live around the Buffalo area or intend to visit. Several of the stories are written almost like a stand-up comedy routine, just plain funny.

Pedersen wrote this book in order to prove Forbes wrong in their assertion that Buffalo is on the 10 most miserable places to live list. She has done that and imparted to the reader how special Buffalo is in her heart.

First Line: "Buffalo Gal is a memoir I wrote about growing up in Western New York, the title taken from an American folk song with the chorus 'Buffalo gals, won't you come out tonight and dance by the light of the moon'."

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