Friday, September 23, 2011

The Broken Hearts Club

The Broken Hearts Club by Ethan Black

A psychologist has brought together a group of men to meet once a week at a tavern in New York. They all suffer from a broken heart. There is a banker, a literary agent and a mechanic. As they continue to talk they get more and more angry and then this turns to hate and finally to rage. The rejection fuels the rage and then it spins out of control.

Detective Voort, the richest cop in New York, with his partner, Mickie is assigned the case to catch the killer. But the killer seems to change identities at will and knows how to cover his tracks.

Voort is dating Camilla, who has just dumped him. Will he be dragged into this vortex of violence?

This is not the best-written book but has an interesting plot and is definitely thrilling. Note: This is a sexually graphic book.

First Line: "Grief? I'll tell you about grief, says the man in the dark suit."


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