Sunday, September 11, 2011

Time and Again

Time and Again by Jack Finney

What a lovely book. Si Morley is a bored illustrator working in advertising in 1970s New York when he is approached by a top-secret government team. They want him to travel back in time to San Francisco before the 1906 earthquake. Si convinces the team to allow him to travel to 1882 New York and witness the mailing of a letter.

The letter is a piece of his girlfriend's history which involved a rich ancestor who committed suicide. Si travels back to a more gentler time and embarks on solving the mystery of the missing words in the letter and the subsequent sequence of events. At first Si is not allowed to interact with anyone lest he change anything in the future but as he travels back several times he does interact with the people. Will the future be changed?

This book is a great combination of science fiction, romance, historical fiction and mystery. I simply loved it!!!!

First Line: "In shirt-sleeves, the way I generally worked, I sat sketching a bar of soap taped to an upper corner of my drawing board."


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