Friday, September 02, 2011

A Step From Heaven

A Step from Heaven by An Na
Young Adult

Young Ju is only 4 when her family moves from Korea to the US. This book follows the journey of a young immigrant entering the school system without a word of English and being sort of in between the American and Korean cultures. Her father strives to maintain his Korean culture and values and becomes increasingly frustrated. He eventually becomes abusive and finally decides to return home.

Young Ju's mother is more able to cope and after having a son joins a Korean church and starts to become assimilated. The son while spoiled for just being a boy spirals into worse and worse behaviour.

This book reads like a collection of short stories. I had a bit of difficulty with all the Korean words and would have liked a translation somewhere. An interesting journey about a family trying to achieve the American dream.

First Line: "Just to the edge, Young Ju."


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