Saturday, June 02, 2012

Divided in Death

Divided in Death by J. D. Robb
Reva Ewing was found standing over the dead bodies of her husband, renowned artist Blair Bissel, and her best friend. Everything is just too perfect in Lieutenant Eve Dallas' mind. This could be a killing due to jealous rage but then why were all of Bissel's security settings for his studio changed at about the time of his death. Why is his assistant and lover murdered?

Reva Ewing, a former secret service officer now works for Roarke as a security analyst and they are working on a big project for the government involving techno-terrorism. The murder investigation moves to the Roarke mansion for greater security and we get to see all the toys Roarke plays with.

Eve finds out some more about her past and this brings Eve and Roarke's first real marital squabble. Roarke wants revenge and Eve doesn't want more violence. It is heart-breaking to watch this squabble and the reader really sees how much Eve needs Roarke. This doesn't diminish Eve as the strong woman she is but seems to just be a vulnerability that makes her who she is

My fav of the series so far!
First Line: "Killing was too good for him."

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