Sunday, July 22, 2012

Definitely Dead

Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris
Urban Fantasy
Sookie Stackhouse, small town barmaid, has to go to New Orleans to finalize the estate of her dead vampire cousin Hadley.  However, a host of people do not want her to go and stir things up.

Sookie finds out about Bill's motivations and understandably is very upset.  I, personally, am glad Bill is history because I felt he was too egocentric.  Ditto Eric.  Sookie finds a dead body turned to vampire and almost gets killed along with the new character of Amelia.  Amelia is a lovely addition which it looks like we will see more of.

Hadley happened to be the consort of the Queen vampire of Louisiana.  But the Queen has just been married to the King of Arkansas.  Are you getting some of the confusion here?  In this installment of the series there is the usually fighting, gore and magic.

I have got to admit to an addiction.  This should probably remain a dirty little secret as this is not the best written series of books around.

First Line: "I was draped over the arm of one of the most beautiful men I'd ever seen, and he was staring into my eyes."

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