Thursday, July 05, 2012

Living Dead in Dallas

Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris


Sookie Stackhouse is a telepathic cocktail waitress in small town Louisiana.  Her boyfriend, Bill is a vampire.  Sookie is in love but has a fight with Bill and leaves in a snit to wander in the woods and encounters a maenad.  To save Sookie, Bill takes her to the head of the vampires in the area, Eric and it takes several of them to give her their blood in order to survive.

Eric then loans her out to the vampires in Dallas who need to find one of their own who is lost.  This leads to the Fellowship of the Sun which is a fanatic Christian-based vampire hate group.  Hate, murder, werewolves, pain, injury and all sorts of nasty things happen as Sookie follows the leads to find the missing vampire.

A sub-plot is the murder of the cook of the bar where Sookie works.  The two stories seem totally unconnected and it feels a bit like it was a filler to round the book out.

My comments about Bill:  what a sleaze.  He is cold but he is however a vampire.  Eric is also a vamp but he seems so hot.  Bill seems to want sex whenever Sookie is hurting.  Lots of compassion there.  NOT!  Bill is definitely not one of my fav characters.

I felt this book was better than the first in the series.

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