Saturday, July 28, 2012

Old School Ties

Old School Ties by Kate Harrison
Women's Fiction
Tracey Mortimer was the Queen of her high school. When Tracey spots an ad to make a reality TV show about the perfect school reunion, she jumps at the chance. Tracey is a suburban housewife with a cheating husband and two kids who dislike her.

When Tracey starts to get in touch with her old schoolmates she is not prepared for the outcome. It turns out that Tracey was a bully. She terrorized, humiliated and treated her classmates awfully. What is really sad is that Tracey does not even realize what she has done.

Will there even be a reunion?

I felt absolutely not one whiff of sympathy for Tracey. She should get everything back in spades. Also it might be nice if she grew a brain. Not my fav of reads

First Line: "Last night, when the third gin and tonic finally knocked the sharp edges off the day, I dared to look in the mirror."

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