Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Dance Upon Air

Dance Upon Air by Nora Roberts
Nell Channing arrives on Three Sisters island with nothing. She happens to walk into the bookstore/cafe just as the present cook is leaving and gets the job. Nell is running from a horrid past. She faked her own death in order to escape an abusive relationship.

Nell finds a place where she can heal. She finds out her boss is a witch and furthermore so is she. And most important she finds Zach. Zach is the local policeman and a genuine good guy.

This is a fairly typical romance. It is nice that Nell grows and becomes the woman she can be instead of a scared rabbit. It is also nice that Zach seems to be just an ordinary nice guy instead of one of those hunks that are usually in romance stories.

First Line: "In the dark grren shadows of the deep woods, an hour before moonrise, they met in secret."

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