Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Alexandria Link by Steve Berry

The Alexandria Link by Steve Berry

Cotton Malone's ex-wife shows up from the USA at his Denmark store to tell him that their son has been kidnapped. He's told that he must find the Alexandria link, which will help find the lost library of Alexandria. It is suspected that this library holds the original Testament written in Old Hebrew. Many people want to get their hands on it because there are theories that the translations of this document were incorrect and the Holy Land is actually not Palestine. Having this knowledge at hand would give a lot of power. The Israelis, Saudis, Americans, and many others are after this and would kill to get it.

The quest takes Malone and his ex-wife to London, Portugal, and Egypt. Malone also enlists the help of his past boss back in the USA who has a lot of political maneuvering to do in order to help out Malone.

This book was packed full of action and intrigue. The premise of the story leaves you wondering what would happen to the world if something like this was uncovered. How would people of Jewish, Islamic, and Christian faith react if they learned that the claims to land weren't what they thought and the Bible was translated incorrectly?

I quite like Cotton Malone as a character. He's a pretty smart guy and has some good one-liners. I enjoyed this more than the last Berry book I wrote, The Templar Legacy. It moved fast and was an easy read.

First Line: "George Haddad's patience ended as he glared at the man bound to the chair."


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