Sunday, December 02, 2012

Mobile 9 by Bill Haugland

Mobile 9 by Bill Haugland

It's 1969 in Montreal, Quebec and Flash News is a popular English-language news television show of which Ty Davis is a crime reporter and Greg Peterson is a young up-and-coming cameraman. When a woman is beaten and a news truck is reported at the scene, all of the guys that have access to the trucks are brought in for a line up. Peterson is ID'd as the perp but he didn't do it. The news team starts to investigate what is going on. Soon they dig up connections to the mob and all the fun stuff that comes from mob-related activities; drug smuggling, murders, etc.

This book is a bit of a different perspective than what I'm used to, which is almost always the cop hunting for the killer. This time, it's the journalists that are piecing together the puzzle and hunting down the killer.

Written by a Canadian author, this book has a lot of Montreal and general Canadiana included, which is great to read. The general story was good but I feel that Haugland tried to cram too much in to this book. The Grey Cup, multiple mob stories, boxing matches, characters opening their own businesses, it just got to be too much to handle in one book. Perhaps as Haughland's first novel he just tried to take on too much at once.

First Line: "TV cameraman Greg Peterson was exhausted."


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