Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mortal Prey

Mortal Prey by John Sandford
Clara Rinker was a hitman. Lucas Davenport from the Minneapolis police was almost killed by her in the past. Clara retired and went to Cancun to live. She was all set to live an idyllic life with her boyfriend and soon-to-be child when it all goes wrong. Her boyfriend is killed and she miscarried as a result of her injuries. She knows she was the target of the hit and now vows to kill all those responsible.

Clara returns to St. Louis in order to kill the four men she thinks ordered the hit. These men are extraordinarily protected and Clara uses everything at her disposal to kill them off. Davenport is brought in because of his association and his knowledge of her methods.

Davenport is in the middle of his own plans to marry the pregnant Weather and finish his new house.

This was one of the best prey books yet. Non-stop action and many thrills keep this story very much alive.

First Line: "The thought popped into her head as she lay in the soft-washed yellowed sheets in the hospital bed."

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