Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Shanghai Murders by David Rotenberg

The Shanghai Murders by David Rotenberg

Inspector Fong Zhong of Shanghai gets a case where the body has been cut in to many pieces and the killer is nicknamed the Dim Sum Killer. Visiting the crime scene, Zhong notices that the body parts are pointing to different items, including the victim's wallet, which wasn't initially found at the scene. The victim winds up being a cop from New Orleans. Once his wife Amanda is notified, she is relieved because she had a poor relationship with her husband but decides to fly out to retrieve his body. Meanwhile, Zhong is being investigated himself, after the death of his wife.

There are many elements in this book that are just too convenient to feel anywhere close to something that could happen. Zhong and Amanda fall in love after a few days? I don't think so. Many parts of the book are also never fully explained. The last 3rd of the book was a struggle to get through and seemed to keep getting worse and worse.

There are three other books in this series, which I have, but will be passing along because I have no interest in reading them now.

First Line: "The body in the Hua Shan Hospital's morgue table looked as though it had all the right pieces - but they seemed to be in all the wrong places."


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