Monday, November 19, 2012

Plum Island

Plum Island by Nelson DeMille
John Corey, a NYPD homicide detective was shot and is now convalescing on Long Island.  When a couple, Tom and Judy Gordon, who he befriended are murdered, the local Sheriff Max asks for Corey's help.  John reluctantly sets out to find out who murdered his friends.

The Gordons happened to work on Plum Island, a US Agricultural facility researching dread animal diseases.  Enter all the agencies concerned, FBI,CIA and any others who want the public not to think some chemical terrorism is going on.

Corey solves this crime in a nail-biting thriller.  There are good bits and bad bits to this book.  The good is the story is a twisty riveting mystery.  The bad is that Corey is a chauvinist and too sarcastic for my liking and also some of the narrative is too long-winded ( the tour of Plum Island being a prime example).  I will seek out the sequel and see what Corey gets up to.

First Line: "Through my binoculars, I could see this nice forty-something-foot cabin cruiser anchored a few hundred yards offshore."

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