Thursday, November 22, 2012

Play Dead

Play Dead by Anne Frasier
Elise Sandburg and David Gould are homicide partners in the Savannah Police department. They are called in when a mortuary assistant finds out one of his clients is not really dead but like a 'zombie'. Someone is drugging people to resemble the dead but their minds are fully aware. Creepy!!

Elise is a native Savannahan. Her father is believed to be a famous root doctor but she was left in a cemetery as a baby to die. Elise knows about Gullah and the spells and culture.

David is a stand-offish Yankee. He is anti-social. David was a former FBI agent when something horrible went wrong. He is very strange.

All these factors make for an interesting dark and creepy mystery.

First Line: "Savannah medical examiner John Casper believed in what scientists termed the cluster effect."

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