Monday, May 26, 2014

Let it Bleed by Ian Rankin

Let It Bleed by Ian Rankin

Inspector Rebus isn't too badly injured during a car chase and is well enough to get out of the car and watch the two suspects in the car lean backwards so their car flips over a bridge and on to a boat below. Rebus knows he saw them do that on purpose and can't imagine what two kidnapping suspects would want to do that for. Shortly after this incident, an ex-con walks in to a government official's office and shoots himself with a shotgun. The two cases seem open and close but there are loose ends nagging at Rebus and he doesn't know when to let go. With his boss telling him to give it up, Rebus is eventually put on mandatory vacation and he decides to continue investigating on his own time. There are threads that connect these two events and implications go fairly high up the chain of command.

The last Rebus book I read I didn't like much because he was too focused on his romance and there were too many acronyms being used that I couldn't follow along with. This book was the opposite. Rebus focused on the case, although there was still some interaction with his daughter and talk of his possibly alcohol problem. The mystery itself was intriguing. There was almost nothing for Rebus to go on, yet he still found those key pieces of evidence and figured out what was going on. A pretty impressive feat. This book was much better than its predecessor.

First Line: "A winter night, screaming out of Edinburgh."


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