Saturday, May 03, 2014

Remote Control by Andy McNab

Remote Control by Andy McNab

Nick Stone is part of deniable ops for the British government. This means that if caught, the government will deny any knowledge of Stone and he's on his own. The risk is high but the individuals run very important missions. This story starts in Gibraltar where they are trying to stop the Irish Army from setting off a bomb. The mission is accomplished but despite that, Stone feels like something wasn't right.

Years later, Stone is asked to fly to the USA and follow some PIRA members around to see what they're doing. Stone sets off but once he's in Washington, he's called off and told to return right away. The earliest plane he can get back to the UK is later that night so he decides to visit a friend for dinner. As he arrives, he finds the whole family murdered with the exception of one of the young girls, Kelly. Nick takes Kelly and tries to figure out who did this, knowing that he is probably now a suspect himself.

I started the Nick Stone series a few books in and really liked the character. This is the first book in the series so it was good to know how Kelly came to be with him. These series are so realistic because Stone takes a lot of caution with what he does. Clothes are bought and changed frequently, characters are followed before they meet. In other books this would be monotonous but with this book it adds to the build up and makes it feel real.

In addition to this, Stone is a great character. He gets frustrated with Kelly and isn't always the proper adult he should be, which you know probably would happen in a situation like this.

First Line: "I pinged him straight away."


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