Monday, January 16, 2017

Inferno by Dan Brown


Professor Langdon wakes up in the hospital, thinking he's still in Massachusetts. He can't remember anything that's happened over the last few days and is told that a bullet grazed his head. When an Italian doctor enters his room, Landon realizes he isn't in the States, but rather in Florence. Then when that doctor is murdered before his eyes Langdon knows he must run. Another doctor also in the room, Sienna, helps him by bringing Langdon to her home and trying to figure out why he's in Florence. There's a mini projector sewn in to his coat which starts Langdon on his search for Inferno.

The two realize they are hunting a plague, hoping to find it before it's set loose on the world. Following through Dante's Inferno, they must follow clues from this important work and from other artists that have used it as inspiration to find what they are looking for.

Brown's first book with Langdon, Angels and Demons is still my favourite, but this was pretty good. Brown is a master at writing suspense and as a bonus, you learn about some art and history along the way. I don't know much about Dante's Inferno. This made me want to read it just a little bit. Though I know I'd probably never understand all the intricacies.

This isn't award winning literature but it's definitely a fun read.

First Line: "I am the Shade."


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