Friday, January 27, 2017

The Jane Austen Book Club by Karen Joy Fowler


A group of six start a Jane Austen book club. They don't all know each other at first but eventually become friends through Miss Austen's words. There are five women and one man. One mother/daughter. Those that have been married, those that haven't. Everyone has a different perspective from life that they bring to their book club meetings. With each month, we learn a bit more about the host of the book club. Until we get closer to the end of the book and everything is jumbled together and not specific to the person hosting the discussion.

This book was an odd one. The first chapter I felt engaged with the story and was interested with the character being described. Then the next chapter came and I didn't care much for the character so I was bored. It would go back and forth for me. Some of the stories were interesting, some were boring and made me want to skip pages.

I couldn't keep the characters straight other than Grigg, the only man in the group. This is simply because I didn't care, since they were so boring!

I was completely disappointed with this book. I'm surprised I finished it, I probably should have given up earlier.

First Line: "Each of us has a private Austen."


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